Our Mission

Our purpose is to support our clients and business partners in their expansion via our unique and sophisticated system of sale and individual service. We are focused on the maximal effi ciency, improvement of client’s economical parameters and their overall support.

Our Company Values

  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Exactness
  • Reliability

Our Vision

Our target is to build a product portfolio of crops species and hybrids of maximum quality through a combination of effi cient and unique consultancy with our clients. We aim to continue this expansive development in parallel with improvements of our services.

Our philosophy

AGROFINAL business is about more than just the sales of seeds. It is about our service philosophy that takes a profound responsibility for the seeds and brands of our breeders. It is about proactive approach that provides the strategic advice born of the experience, know-how and network of our Agronomist-sales reps working for Agrofinal. 

It is about gathering data from our farmer customers and translating these into highly detailed and up-to-date market information. It is about having the resourcefulness and abilities to solve even the most complex problems, thanks to our industry expertise. 

It is about providing an individualized customer tailored solution, knowing and handling products, building brands and expanding brand equity for our breeders and delivering the best economical results for our farmers. 

We work in the interest of our breeders and farmers in the spirit of true partnership. 

We offer a long-term approach to sourcing, marketing, sales, distribution and after sales services.


A young, dynamic team of 11 persons altogether – Managing Director, Sales Director, 7 specialist Agronomist-sales reps, 1 offi ce manager and 1 sales and marketing assistant.


Agrofinal, Ltd. is a Czech Republic based company that is family owned and operated. Agrofinal was founded in 1997 and it is a seed agricultural marketing company, specialized mainly on the seed industry.

Due to its rapid growth and expansion, a new subsidiary Candor Trading Ltd. was created in 2009 in Slovakia to further develop our activity in the Slovak market.

Our primary areas of activity

  • Sales, Marketing, Product and Market Development of world’s largest seed breeders.
  • Seed Multiplication & bagging.
  • Import and Export of seeds.
  • Distribution via our 3 logistic centers in Zbiroh and Orechov for Czech Republic and Podhajska for Slovak market.
  • Regulatory - Agrofi nal manages the entire regulatory approval process for all products in Czech and Slovak Republic.
  • Testing of seeds.
  • Providing free advisory service for farmers.

Our activities are covering the whole territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The sales team regularly visits all farms as advisers from sowing time until harvest, in the order to obtain the best economical results.

From a wide available portfolio we are preparing every year a new selection of corn, sunfl ower and rape seed varieties, choosing the most suitable for domestic growing conditions.

The base of the selection is the testing - fi eld performance trials as National catalogue - UKZUS for CZ and UKSUP for SK, our internal company promo trials and trials organized by grower’s union.

What do we offer to our partners

For suppliers

  • unique approach to the Czech and Slovak market
  • up-to-date localized know-how
  • building of your trade mark
  • precise positioning of your products

For final customers

  • high quality consultancy service
  • maximization of economical results
  • prompt seed delivery

Company name:

Address: Petrska st. No.24, Prague, Czech Republic

Contact person:

Mrs. Dolinska Henrietta
Managing Director
Phone: 00420-2-22 510 153